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Soon we invite you to come and enjoy Italy at its best.

My name is Emma.

My dream: living in Tuscany, Italy

My dream came true. I call it: Iconic Tuscany.

You are welcome to share the joy of this lovely house with me and

my young labrador, Bibi.

It’s part of a small and peaceful condominium.

The view, the swimming pool, the tennis court, the breakfast.

Two rooms, with fully equipped bathrooms, are ready to embrace you.

A luxurious bed takes care of a refreshing night for two.

If you wish, I can make you a dinner on my terrace.

If you wish you can sit by the open fire. Inside or outside.

Or doze off on the cushions of the ancient bench in the evening sun.

If you wish I organize a dinner or wine tasting for you.

My local friends will warmheartedly welcome you.

We make sure you taste the finest of Tuscany’s food and drinks.

We make sure you can enjoy our landscape and our hospitality.

We make sure you will create new energy.

We make sure you will come back next time.

My name is Emma and I will welcome you with open arms and take care of you.

Allow me to share my Iconic Tuscany with you.

You are ever so welcome.



Iconic Tuscany


Gastvrouw zijn is een fijne bezigheid, contact met mensen doet mij altijd goed … dat samen met deze waanzinnig mooie plek is onbeschrijfelijk mooi. Ik hoop ook u te mogen verwelkomen.

Emma Meijer


Granaiolo di Sopra 59               

53022 Buonconvento – Siena




+39 333 7926 261


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